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Le Festival de Cannes

Since its inception in 1946, The Festival de Cannes has remained faithful to its founding purpose:

  • to draw attention to and raise the profile of films, with the aim of contributing towards the development of cinema,

  • to boost the film industry worldwide,

  • to celebrate cinema at an international level.

The Marché du Film at the Festival de Cannes 

The Marché du Film during the Festival de Cannes is the world’s biggest gathering of film industry professionals including filmmakers, distributors, technologists, commissioners, buyers and the whole film and entertainment industry spectrum.

The African Pavilion

The Agence Africaine Culturelle (ACA) launched the African Pavilion at the Film Market at Cannes in 2019. It has become the premier networking and business development platform for the pan-African film industry.


  • To create a unique venue for movie trade and promotion that outlines the diversity and plurality of African and African-descended film and television content

  • To become an exclusive promotional venue where film industry stakeholders meet, discuss, trade, make deals

  • To showcase and promote organizations vested in the African film industry

  • To offer a remarkable insight into the potential for growth across the continent and within the diaspora

  • To be an exceptional networking platform aimed at providing stakeholders with an unprecedented access to the global film industry resources and professionals


  • Nurture young filmmakers and inspire career prospects

  • Open access to resources seldom accessible to filmmakers from Africa

  • Change the narrative on the African content

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