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Talented Cameras of Africa

The Talented Cameras of Africa is a program designed by the African Cultural Agency in partnership with the city of Cannes, the Cannes Film Festival and a selection of African film festivals to promote young African creatives and their work.


The Talented Cameras of Africa program invites emerging African filmmakers who are developing their 1st or 2nd film (short or feature film / documentary) during the festival and offers them a unique opportunity to meet renowned mentors.

The Talented Cameras of Africa program allows participants to attend:

  • Workshops and masterclasses in screenwriting, production, post-production, distribution etc...

  • Meet-up with film financers

  • Short film training

  • Pitching sessions

  • Presentation of the "We Film Good" platform

  • Red Carpet & Montee des Marches


The Talented Cameras of Africa's Success in numbers:

  • 29 talents discovered and brought to Cannes

  • 15 countries represented

  • 9 features

  • 12 short film

  • 8 documentaries

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